December 1, 2014
by Buy Area Rugs

Greet Winter With A Shag Rug

Fall is coming to a close and the bone-chilling cold of winter is setting in. We are all trying to adjust with the drops in temperature. Winter is a beautiful time of year, but the weather doesn’t keep the optimism going for long.

Waking up at the early hours of morning to a chilly house is definitely no help in starting the day on the right foot. We all need to feel the warmth and coziness permeating through the house in order to have the morning hustle and bustle go smoothly. You need a shield from the cold, and as experts in the home decor industry, we know this will enhance your outlook on winter.

Make the transition of seasons from fall to winter more bearable by adding a stylish and comfortable area rug into your home.

Here are some great ideas for making the seasonal transition from fall to winter more pleasant and decorative with the addition of an area rug to your home:

Put a shag rug in the family room:

During the holiday season, there is a lot of time spent in the family room. There are the kids playing with their new holiday presents, or the family sitting around the fire, sipping hot chocolate, and bonding over funny childhood stories. A plush white shag rug would be a super cozy additive that have those sitting around feel warm and at home.

Add an area rug to your living room:

The living room is also a more populated room in the house, especially during the holiday seasons and winter months. What better way to ease everyone into the cold than with an area rug at their feet. With family over to visit and after dinner party chatting, a soft design rug would be a real hit in your living room.

Throw a rug runner in the corridor:

Waking up in the middle of the night to a cold floor is the worst. But this can be dealt with by simply adding a fun rug runner to your corridors. No one should have to walk around in their house with socks and boots, so this will greatly enhance the decor of your hallways while also lessening the impact of chilly drafts from the outside.

Every season has it perks, but the cold is not one of the most exciting parts of the winter time. Don’t let your home feel drab, make the transition easier with a decorative twist; add an area rug!

Your home will be more comfortable for the whole family, and you’ll even have the holiday guests praising your impeccable taste in home decor.

Get started on your home improvement this winter by visiting our website at for all your rug needs! Happy winter-prepping!

Shag Rug

November 12, 2014
by Buy Area Rugs

Give Your Office A Makeover With An Area Rug

Your office is likely where you spend the most consecutive time each day. There’s constant movement: employees, clients, and fellow business owners participating in the daily office shuffle.

Your office design says a lot about both you and your company.Whether or not we’re proud of it, people often make judgments about whether to trust a business based on the decor of the office. Is it fresh and modern or dull and outdated? Does it showcase the company favorably?

With winter just around the corner and the busy holiday season on its way, holiday office gatherings are on their way. There may not be much time to renovate or design your office to have that  “it” factor. But don’t despair: It’s easier to than you think. All it takes is an area rug and the right spot to put it!

Here are three spots to add an area rug that can give your office the makeover it’s asking for:


Placing a plush area rug upon entering the office can serve as a warm welcoming greeting. Some people are nervous when coming in to discuss a new proposal or having a first-time interview, and a nice rug at the entrance can instantly transform their feelings of nerves to those of comfort.

Under The Desk:

With a patterned rug under the desk, your office is instantly updated with a subtle edge to it. Placing it below your desk is allows for the rug to be noticed but not overpowering. There are so many modern designs such as leopard or zebra prints that can really heighten the vibes in the office and transmit to all those who come in. This will definitely improve what is can sometimes be a gloomy winter season.

In The Middle:

Some offices are just one big room with different cubicles or sections for the employees. By placing an area rug in your part of the office allows for you to receive some center the decor. It’ll tie the office together and draw in the perfect level of socializing at a holiday party.

So there you have it! Office makeovers are quick and painless with the addition of an area rug to your office. It’s important to attract the clients and customers in the ways they least expect it. Captivating them upon entrance to your office is a great lead to a soon to be success story.

Get started on your Area rug shopping by visiting us at for all the rugs you desire! Happy Office Makeover!  

area rug

November 5, 2014
by Buy Area Rugs

Do You Have The Fluff?



With the winter season up ahead, it’s not too late for some quick fixes that will leave you feeling accomplished and exhilarated for the big 2015. Your environment can really enhance your performance and benefit those around, so get moving with modernizing your residence to end this year in a memorable way!

The basic way to modernize your home and office is with texture. It could be new wallpaper, some cozy chairs, or even a fluffy area rug. To easily enhance a room, plan to do a bit of rearranging and a new edition that will be noticeable upon entrance. A little change can go a long way, and there’s no time like the present so lets get started!

Here are some ideas to modernize your home with a little bit of texture and a lot of fluff:

Area Rug:

There is no better way to fill up empty parts of a room or modernize than with a fluffy area rug! Anything from could be a contrasting color to match the current theme would look fabulous. Your family room will feel like a new place with a soft rug at your feet each day. Check out this idea for how to decorate your room below.

fluffy rug


The walls of a room really give off certain vibes like a polished white in a law firm, or a colorful energy in the children’s nursery. Being in the same setting everyday can get very boring, but with a new paint job or some wallpaper, your once dull work space can transform into a rejuvenated work zone. Behold, this winter-white wonderland.

buy area rugs

Bean Bag:

It sounds strange but large bean bags make for really cozy chairs or foot rests in your living room or at your desk. There are different colors and sizes to get the desired effect in your room. Kids love sitting on them which is great for extra kiddy-seating during holiday parties. Before you know it, bean bags will be the next big thing, and you’ll be equipped when it does!

buy area rugs

So for all those hardworking people, don’t let the year end on a drag. Instead, take some time to add a little spark to your home or office.  We all need rewards and a change of scenery; let this be the end of a successful year and the start of new innovations.

Your modernizing is just a click away! For all things fluff and texture check out our website at And cheers to a great future!


October 30, 2014
by Buy Area Rugs

The Optical Illusion Rug In Your Home

Although Halloween is right around the corner, it’s always fun to have a spooky prank or mind game to play on a friend or family member. You can never grow out of being frightened when something unexpected happens. There are magic tricks, haunted houses, and optical illusions, just to name a few. A good prank has to be strategically planned to insure optimal success on the one being pranked.

Being in the home decor industry, we suggest an optical illusion rug to pull off some of your best pranks yet. Picture the face of your best friend walking into your room, stepping inside, and screaming because your rug makes the room look like its caving in! Pretty neat trick, huh?

With an optical illusion rug, you can decorate a room with a super cool carpet and have fun pranking your friends.

Here are three places to put an optical illusion rug in your home that will result in the best Fright ‘N Flight reactions:

Live in a dorm room? Add an area rug for some silly scares!

A dorm room is a great place to put an optical illusion area rug. With friends constantly coming in to study and hang out, no one will expect to find your floor turning into a deep pit. It’s a fun mind game that will keep neighbors coming by to giggle at your creative decorating designs.

buy area rugs

Have a guest coming into town? Make it a memorable stay!

For those that feel like taking on a bigger risk, an area rug that plays mind games on your visit will give your guests a one-of-a-kind stay in your home. Having a maze or a rug the appears to have pop ups, can give the room a fun vibe that anyone staying over will enjoy. We can all use some creativity in our lives and a spooky, deceptive rug is just the way to do it!


Bored in the bathroom? Here’s some unexpected entertainment…

For the ultimate humorous situation, get your bathroom going with a wacky area rug. Forget the magazines, now you’ll be able to exercise the mind by gazing at illusions popping out of a rug! It’s a fun and very original way to decorate the bathrooms in your home.

optical illusion rug

We could all use a bit of humor and a good scare once in a while. Changing up your area rugs for some incredible optical illusion rugs will lighten the mood of everyone in the household! Plus, your guests won’t forget their visits to your home. Find the perfect place for your new party trick and get ready for some epic reactions.

Start planning your home decor mind-tricks fun with us by visiting for all of your area rug needs! Happy pranking!

October 22, 2014
by Buy Area Rugs

7 Reasons Why Having A Rug Runner In Your Home Foyer Will Solve All Your Problems

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The temperature is dropping outside and it’s a challenge to pull off the covers with the early morning chills forever there to greet you.

The last thing you should be worrying about is a messy foyer space in your home.

The solution for you is a decorative runner. Placing a rug runner in the foyer of your home is a fantastic way to give a boost for people coming in and out, especially on the gloomy days. A simple area rug can transform your entryway and be a real pick-me-up in a subtle way.

7 Reasons Why Having A Rug Runner In Your Home Foyer Will Solve All Your Problems This Autumn:

  1. With foot-traffic on the incline and more visitors avoiding the windy outdoors, going in and out the house can get wet and muddy real quick. A dark rug runner will clean off the soles of your guests’ shoes before they hit your hardwood floors.
  2. After a long day, everyone wants to kick off those in-season maroon knee-high boots. Finding a runner on the floor gives a welcoming feel, and visitors will be comfortable and take off their shoes upon entering the house.
  3. If you live in a smaller home or apartment, your hallway can sometimes seem cramped and narrow. A runner fills the space and gives off a larger feel to a more intimate setting.
  4. Not everyone is savvy with home decor, but placing a colorful runner in your foyer provides a quick, elegant solution with a modern twist!
  5. Anyone ever get a delivery and cringe as the delivery personnel drag the boxes through your house and up your foyer floor? Having a runner removes the worry of scratched up floors. Your packages can be set down with ease, leaving your floors sparkling and new.
  6. Pets can be a little untidy, and having them come in and out of the house doesn’t make the situation better. Having a runner ensures that you won’t find a trail of paw prints around your home after each time your dog takes a stroll.
  7. Some people like to renovate often to spice up their house, which can get costly. By simply changing the runner in your entryway, your house will have a new look without running your bank account dry.

Your home is a place for people to be at ease and relax from the first step they take inside. A nice foyer is imperative to help accomplish that goal. Pick out the rug runner that best represents your style and watch the transformation as all the people living in your house perk up just a bit, no matter what the weather report is.

Check us out at for all the rug runners you need.

Your foyer makeover is just a few short steps away!


September 23, 2014
by Buy Area Rugs

Looking To Spice Up Your Dorm Room? Try A New Rug!

The decor of your dorm room can play a major role in your productivity, energy, and overall entertainment at college. And, there’s an easy way to get the perfect pizzazz you need. This will transform any washed-out, 2003-looking dorm room and take it up a notch.

What’s our secret?

It’s all about the rug. Yes, you read that correctly!

People can get to know you just by the decor of your dorm. Buy Area Rugs is your simple go-to shop for rugs that match your personal style and personality, especially during a new year at school.

Here are three simple ways to pick the best rug for your dorm room. Soon, there won’t be enough space in your dorm to host all the friends waiting for entry!

1. Start with color: As with a great fall outfit, accessories are everything. A sheer gold necklace or a floral headband can be the perfect way to spice-up a new wardrobe.  When it comes to decorating a new dorm room, an area rug can be the perfect accessory. There are always may colorful rug  It can be a themed color option, feature a favorite football team, boy band, or a decorative pattern. Matching your rug color to your wallpaper is another great styling option for those looking for a big color feature. Likewise, try a complimentary color with daring contrast to produce an eye-popping effect.

2. Finding the right spot: Your rug needs just the right placement to complete the full effect you’re looking for. A shag is best placed at the side of your bed. A funky, contemporary rug would look snazzy under your desk, so as not to overpower the room while still keep you awake during study sessions. We carry a large variety of different shaped rugs so you can find the right fit.

3. Have your personal space: By placing a rug on your side of the dorm room, you can lend a friendly reminder to your fellow suite-mates that this is your turf. When people come in and see rugs of all different styles, they can differentiate who lives where. You can express your individuality and have a divider without putting up that taxi-yellow caution tape!

area rug

These are a few simple measures that can bring a total transformation not only to your dorm room, but also to your entire college dorming experience.

Finding the perfect rug for your dorm room is just one click away. Visit our website for the rugs that best express who you are with pride for everyone on campus to see!

Happy decorating!


September 23, 2014
by Buy Area Rugs

Area Rugs Can Prevent Dinner Party Disasters

A house is not a home unless it’s shared with family and friends. But how can you graciously open up your home knowing the floors will be all scratched once the gathering comes to a close? No one wants to be the mean host who’s constantly reminding their guests to remove their shoes and be cautious of the decor.

Meet your knight in shining armor: the area rug. It may seem like a rug couldn’t enhance your beautiful show case living room, but Buy Area Rugs is the shop that takes rugs to the next level. It’s a simple way to bypass costly repairs for your home every time you have a dinner party.

Buy Area Rugs

Here are three reasons an area rug might be just what you’re looking for to upgrade your home pre-dinner party:

Instant Relaxation: Let’s face it: If there are 20 people coming over for a nice Autumn supper, you’ll be significantly more at ease knowing that there is a decorative rug shielding the floor. Kids will be kids, but with an area rug, the adults at your shindig will not be distracted from the need to monitor their child’s every move. And, as the hostess, you can put your mind at ease knowing that the next day, your hardwood floors will not have scratches.

Soft Comfort: Area rugs call for comfort. By placing a rug in your living room, your guests will be more inclined to ditch their stilettos and Having a rug will allow your floor to remain pristine, while still having a more inviting appeal for anyone who enters your home.

The Secret Buffer: The safest way to protect little children that consistently run around during dinner parties (and are prone to falling) is to provide them with a soft landing. Placing a rug on your floor is a smart way to prevent an accident. In addition, if an expensive piece of china or delicate heirloom falls off the shelf due to commotion, the rug will be there to ensure the item stays intact.

These are just a few reasons why purchasing a rug would be a wise investment, especially when your home is open to family and friends. The result would be a sense of peace for both you and your esteemed guests. Your house will be a place that people are comfortable and don’t need to be alert for disaster to strike.

Find the perfect rug, sit back, and enjoy your company! Visit our website for all your shaggy needs at!

August 22, 2014
by Buy Area Rugs

Is Shag For You?

Buy Area Rugs carries a plethora of different rugs of all different styles. Upon browsing our online store, you can see that we have all bases covered. From themed, to children’s, to floral, to contemporary- if your home is in need of a facelift, we’re you’re one stop shop to cover all of your rug needs.

Today we’d like to take a look at one of our more exciting rug types, the shag rug. These funky rugs gained their popularity in the 1960’s, and have been a favorite ever since.

area rugs

So, why should you consider a shag rug?

1. They’re one of the most comfortable kinds of rugs you can buy. Shag rugs are super soft on the feet and give the home a very cozy feel.

2. They’re hearty. Shag rugs made from wool can take a beating, and will last a very long time. Purchasing a shag rug is a smart investment.

3. They’re super stylish. One can’t deny that the shag rug is easily the most groovy area rug choice out there.

If you’re in need of a new area rug for your living room, bedroom, new apartment, or even dorm room, Buy Area Rugs is the right place for you. Browse our online selection today to see what our rugs can do for your space!

July 23, 2014
by Buy Area Rugs

The Fall 2014 Semester is Coming: Get Your College Rugs!

While Fall seems lightyears away, the reality of the matter is that school starts back up in just a little over one month. That’s right, in one month, all of your kids will be headed back to school, leaving the nest a bit more peaceful and desolate than it’s been the entire summer.

One great thing about attending a university is the pride that comes along with enrollment. Whether you are on a sports team or not, school pride runs deep and can be seen all throughout college campuses. In addition, families of students also get involved and enjoy representing the colors and symbols of the university their child is attending.

Buy Area Rugs has a plethora of different college rugs ready for you to snag just in time for the Fall 2014 Semester. Let’s take a look at some below!

area rugs

area rugs

area rugs

area rugs

To shop our entire selection of college rugs and other area rugs, visit


May 12, 2014
by Buy Area Rugs

Beach House Necessities

Screen shot 2014-05-12 at 12.21.47 PMThe weather is finally nice enough for us to start thinking about our summer plans. If you rented a beach house for the summer, you’re going to want to go shopping and make it look the part. We have some great decorating ideas that we’d love to share.

Wall Art – Wall art is crucial in any home. Filling your beach house with images of sunsets, sand and flip-flops is a good place to start. Another great idea, instead of buying beach photos, is buying empty picture frames and filling them with your personal beach/vacation  pictures from the past. This way, you can make your rented space a little more homey.

Beach Area Rugs – This is where we come in. We’ve got a great selection of beach rugs that would be perfect for your home. Featuring the sun, surf and sand, our area rugs come in all shapes and sizes.

Utensils – There’s no need to go out and purchase fancy utensils for your beach house. You can go to any party store and buys funky beach-themed forks and knifes. In addition, paper plates and cups with matching themes are available everywhere.

Now that you know what to purchase, you can get to decorating and have your home ready to go for Memorial Day.